Discover Boobalu.

Boobalu is a South African brand that produces handmade, unique, life style friendly and practical clothing for babies and children.  Being a mom myself I found the need for clothing that is practical and lifestyle friendly yet cute at the same time, with this the seed for Boobalu was planted.

We would like to share the products that we love with you too – our clients, therefore we have added a few select items to our range from other suppliers that we feel add true value to our life as a Mom.

We dream to build a brand with a family feeling that supports Moms and empowers woman helping them to live a happy family life while supporting themselves financially. We would love to have you as part of our Boobalu family.

Boobalu is focused on using South African suppliers and supporting woman in business. All our products are hand crafted locally by our team of dedicated woman.

Visit Us

Boobalu Retail Outlet: Shop A, 31 Harbour Road, Kleinmond, 7195
078 638 2145

Our opening hours for the retail shop are 9:30 to 17:00 Monday to Saturday, 11:00 to 15:00 Sunday

You can shop online at any time of the day!



The story of Boobalu


Boobalu was created by the gorgeous Zelda, a woman that is pure heart and soul.  Zelda was raised by a single mom who dedicated her life to her daughter, however with the need to earn an income her Mom often missed out on being present for her daughter for events such as ballet recitals and sport’s events.    This inspired Zelda from a young age to pick a career that would allow her the flexibility to one day be present as much as possible in her children’s lives as they were growing up.

  Zelda studied business management and completed sewing and pattern making courses inspired by her creative side.  At first she only made clothes for herself whilst working and this then became her passion, she started by making wedding and matric farewell dresses.  Zelda started making dresses fulltime, paying meticulous attention to detail creating master pieces for her customers.  In 2016 Zelda gave birth to her first child, Joshua, she continued to make wedding dresses however had to scale back to balance her duties as a Mom with her career.  In 2019 she gave birth to twins, Francois & Zelné, this meant she could no longer dedicate her time to the wedding dresses since it is a time consume detailed process involving hours of work to produce just a single dress.  Then opportunity came knocking, a small retail space became available close to home ideally suited to be the start of Zelda’s dream springing to life.  Since, the day Zelda became a Mom she had dreamed about starting her own baby and kid’s clothing brand that fulfilled all the requirements she as a Mom felt were necessary from kid’s clothing. After reflection and prayer Zelda knew that this was the right opportunity for her and hopefully other Mom in need of an income while still dedicating enough time to their children.  And so Boobalu was born, Boobalu has started employing other woman and Mom’s to assist with the production of the clothes and hopes to grow to become a trusted brand in South Africa.

May you find as much joy in our clothing as we do!