Contour – One size fits most (absorbent part of nappy)


This is like the old time cloth nappies – but it is already pre-shaped and folded.

For babies from 3 months to potty training.

This is the absorbent layer of the nappy – use this with a PUL pocket nappy and you have a complete nappy.

Instead of putting a bamboo insert into the pocket of the nappy – you put this on and then the PUL nappy over this Contour for a more absorbent nappy.

Snappies (silicone hook fasteners) are also available to keep the Contour perfectly in place under our LINERS, INSERTS & FLATS


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1 x cotton fleece contour nappy

With 2 layers of cotton fleece throughout for better wetness absorption. All parts easily unfolds for easy washing and quick drying.

This is an ideal absorbent part of the nappy for babies fro 3 months to potty training for day time.

Also good as night time nappy for light/medium wetters. (Flutterby night contours are available for extra absorbency for night time – see under our INSERTS,LINERS&FLATS category)


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