NurtureOne nesting pillow


The nurtureOne™ nesting cushion is an ideal sensory environment for your baby, allowing for a smooth transition from feeding to crib. The safe and portable cushion is the answer to every parent’s question.

The idea is to feed your baby on the pillow and when they fall asleep you can transfer them to their crib, etc, without them realising they have been put down. It also snuggles them, making them feel more secure and helps them sleep better.

I also used this cushion in our moses basket – worked like a charm.

This product is ideally used with a wedge to slightly lift your baby’s head as done in hospital. We have wedges available for sale, or you can use any baby wedge or rolled up cotton blankets.

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nurtureOne™ nesting cushion no.3

This nesting cushion is recommended for a full-term baby needing assistance in settling and regulating where there are no space restrictions.

Dimensions: 85 cm x 50 cm
Weight: 830grams (approximate)



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